Yammer Mobile – Blank/Black Screen of “Death”

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For those Yammer for Office 365 Admins, responsible for supporting your end users, and to those end-users who are wanting to use Yammer Online via their mobile device, this post is for you.

Problem Statement

When browsing to Yammer Online via Mobile Device and only seeing a Black Screen, there may be some options/settings that were not used as part of the Yammer registration and usage.


  • The user having this issue needs to uninstall the Yammer Mobile App
  • Login to their Yammer account using a desktop computer, using their Yammer user@domain.com username and password.
  • Click on the ellipses, click on Edit profile
  • On the left pane, click on Account Activity
  • Select the Application and click on logout to revoke access (if the application does not appear under the activity proceed to the next step)
    • Note: If the application does not appear under the activity, this means that the attempt to login to Yammer is not successful.
  • Restart the Mobile Phone
  • Reinstall the Yammer Mobile App
  • Login to Yammer thru the mobile app.