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Deploying Office 365 ProPlus from an On-Premises Location

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For customers who have limited Internet Bandwidth, it may become a challenge for all users to stream the Office 2013 installation, as all the binaries, configurations, etc are streamed for each individual.  For administrators who need to shield their bandwidth, they can download the Office 2013 suite installation bits and allow for an internal Office 2013 installation, without the need for each user to stream the install, also known as Click-2-Run (C2R).

Download Office 2013

To download Office product and language files to your local network and then deploy those products and languages to Office 365 users, you use the Office Deployment Tool.

To specify which products and languages are downloaded and installed by the Office Deployment Tool, you create a customized Configuration.xml file. When you run the Office Deployment Tool, the tool reads the information in the customized Configuration.xml file and then downloads or installs the specified products and languages.

A common deployment method is to place the downloaded Office product and language files on a network share on the local network. Then users can install Office from that location. You can simplify and automate the process for the users by using a script or batch file. The script or batch file can also be used by a software distribution product, such as System Center Configuration Manager, or in a Group Policy computer startup script.

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Question:  Is there an .msi file I can download instead of using the above information?

Answer:  No, C2R is a streaming application using the following endpoints: