Subscribing to InTune Online for Existing Office 365 Tenants

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For customers wanting to use InTune as their workstation management solution for workstations using Online Services (or for standalone workstation management), administrators may find that the Subscriptions section within the Microsoft Online Portal (MOP) does not‚Äč show InTune as an option, either to Purchase or Trial!

To get InTune into your Office 365 Tenant, you will need to follow these steps:


  • If you receive an error that you are already signed in, whether to Hotmail, Office 365 or other Iocation, close down ALL browsers and start over, logging into the site above.


  • When you are redirected back to the page you now have the option to start using the Signup Wizard.
    • Note – Use the sign in link, shown below, so you can login using your Office 365 Tenant Global Administrator


  • You will be taken to the login webpage, at which point you will enter your Office 365 Tenant Global Admin account


  • Once signed in, you are presented with the Trial option, allowing you 30 days to test InTune for managing your PCs/Workstations and associating this service with your Office 365 tenant


  • Click the Try Now button at which point your InTune service will be provisioned and you will be redirected to the InTune site for usage.


You Experience Issues When You Subscribe to Windows Intune by Using Your Office 365 Microsoft Online Services User Credential

Note – If you are using a 3rd party billing system or associated with a Partner or Syndication Partner, the customer MUST review the following KB which outlines some management and usability issues when associating an Office 365 tenant with an InTune Service Subscription.  The above steps can be used however the admin will need to create a new Online Services account, which will be used in managing the InTune Online Service.