Month: March 2016

Using EXO Modern Groups for SHD Postings

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Many Office 365 Service admins do not want to grant Admin rights to people, say in the Help Desk or Support organizations.  Today Admins must grant some sort of Admin role/right for users to check the Services Health Dashboard (SDH), however you might want to consider using Exchange Online Modern Groups to manage SHD postings.

The idea is to create a Modern Group, add the Help Desk members to this group and enable the Modern Group –> Connectors, and add the SHD RSS feed, which will bring these items into the Modern Group, which is effectively a combination of Security & Distribution (SG & DG) groups together, with a Shared Mailbox/Calendar and backing SharePoint Online (SPO) Notebook and Document/Files library.

Note – In order to use Modern Groups, you must have an Exchange Online license and IF you want a backing Notebook (OneNote) and Files (Document Library), the user creating and managing this Modern Group must have an SPO license.


  1. Login to your Exchange Online Mailbox via OWA
    1. Example:
  2. Click the Groups + item in the left navigation pane
    1. modernGroups_Create
    2. Click Create
    3. Fill out all the necessary questions, such as Name, Public versus Private, etc.
    4. createGroup1
    5. Add members as you see fit
    6. createGroup2_AddUsers
  3. Once the Modern Group has been created, use the below URL ‘parameter’ to the Modern Group URL, which will enable the ‘Connectors’ feature to be enabled
    1. &EnableConnectorDevPreview=true
      1. Example of Full URL:
  4. Click Connectors and…
    1. Add this SHD RSS Feed URL: Connectors à Scroll down to bottom and select RSS and enter:–3s –> Save
    2. createGroup3_AddRSSFeed
  5. As items are posted, it is sent to this Modern Group where these Service Desk people can review.
  6. createGroup4_results