Onboarding into Office 365 – Pilot Testing and Tasks

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For those who are interested in moving into or onboarding into Office 365, it is very important that you take into account the following considerations:

  1. Full review of all your business and technical requirements, to fully understand the process, procedures and tasks your Information Workers perform on a daily basis.  Without performing this review and going into Office 365 you are almost guaranteed to find settings, features, functions and or limitations that do not align with your needs.  To review the Office 365 Service Descriptions, you can find them here.
  2. Once you have a good idea on whether the different Office 365 services, features, functions and capabilities are a good fit for your company, you should perform a Full Pilot Test.  This ensures that you can perform your work tasks in the cloud and find out first hand whether any limitations, restrictions or capabilities are missing that are needed.
    1. Notes
      1. I have attached an .xlsx spreadsheet to help with testing all of the different Office 365 Services, Features, Functions and Capabilities.  Note that this spreadsheet is provided as-is and may be missing a few test tasks or not account for some features or requirements your business needs.  Please use this spreadsheet and customize as you see fit!
        1. Office 365 Feature Chart – Test Plan
      2. Without this step you are almost assured to find capabilities, features or functions which don’t fully align with your business and technical requirements and will spend lots of time with Office 365 Support trying to find workarounds, solutions or ways to “make this work”.


I cannot emphasize these points enough.  It is very important that any company looking to use Office 365, should first review the Service Descriptions, to get a real sense of what the services can provide.  Then go through a full Pilot test pass to ensure everything works as needed, while fully documenting any “differences” or “restrictions” which may cause “pain” when using these services!

With an SD Review and Full Testing you WILL be fully informed on whether Office 365 is a good solution for you and your company and will have first hand knowledge on any items/issues/services, etc which may need to be addressed before moving forward.  Otherwise you will spend many hours with Office 365 Support in trying to find “solutions” to your business challenges, which will not be a fun experience.  Enjoy the review and I look forward to seeing you in “The Cloud” 🙂

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