Tracking Exchange Online Client Connections/Versions

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For those Exchange Online administrators who need to keep up with the devices and mail applications being used when connecting with their Exchange Online Mailbox, this post is for you!

Exchange Online provides many remote powershell scripts and cmdlets that can be used not only to view/review information, but also to create/write updates, modifications, changes to everything from mailboxes to mail users (contacts) to groups and policies!

Connect to Exchange Online

Once connected as an Exchange Online Administrator, also is typically an Office 365 Global Admin, you can use the following command to determine the different devices/protocols/applications being used when connecting into Exchange Online Mailboxes:

You can add an “> c:\temp\EXO_Client_Connection_Type.csv” to save the content into a spreadsheet for later review.

Get-ConnectionByClientTypeDetailReport | select Username,ClientType > c:\temp\EXO_Client_Connection_Type.csv

To run the command and see the output in the PowerShell command-shell/window, simply run the following:
Get-ConnectionByClientTypeDetailReport | select Username,ClientType

Example Output

UserName ClientType
RyBread J. Phillips MAPI
TestUserB EAS
TestUserC EAS
TestUserA EAS
RyBread J. Phillips EAS
RyBread J. Phillips EWS
RyBread J. Phillips MAPI
TestUserA OWA
TestUserA OWA

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