Being Aggressive Against Email SPAM in Exchange Online Protection

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Being Aggressive Against Email SPAM in EOP

Hi all, I wanted to send this out to help you Exchange Online Administrators understand the Exchange Online Protection (EOP) environment and how it is used to Scan and Monitor SPAM and Viruses that might be destined for your Exchange Online Users.
EOP participates in the SPAM Community, sharing information on known Spammers, Domains, Networks (Addresses & Ranges), etc. This allows EOP and the other SPAM Community Members in sharing critical information and keeping everyone clean from these SPAM Messages.  Exchange Online Protection (EOP) partners with the following SPAM Community Members in the sharing of this information, providing a “strength in numbers” approach.
SPAM Management Resources
IP Block Lists Member
1.      Spamhaus:
URL Reputation Lists Members
1.      Spamhaus:
3.      URIBL:
4.      Invaluement:
Block List Management


While Exchange Online participates in this SPAM Community, there are additional EOP tasks that you can perform to make sure SPAM Monitoring and Processing is being done as aggressively as possible.  Below is a reference to the source Blog Posting and information on how to configure your EOP environment to perform “aggressive” monitoring against potential incoming SPAM:


Aggressive Bulk Email Management


Identifying Bulk/SPAM Email


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