Exchange Online & Postmaster Account / NDR Sender

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As Exchange Administrators work to understand all the nuances of Exchange Online, either the older Office 365 (2010) or the newer Office 365 (2013), they have probably asked “What about my Postmaster account, where is it, how do I configure or manage it?  There is no Postmaster account that I can find, so how does this work?”.

In reading through the following, written in 2012, EXO Admin’s get a default Postmaster account/setting used for your Exchange Online Tenant:

So if you as an Exchange Online Admin start to see lots of information from or, however you won’t find a Postmaster account, as this is part of the underlying Exchange Online Service, so save yourself some time and don’t try an find the account, it is no where to be found but is always looking out for your Exchange Online Messaging domain.

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