Month: June 2013

Exchange Online & Outlook Client Version Reporting with PowerShell

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For admins who may need to know what versions of Outlook is being used to connect against Exchange Online, you can use the following PowerShell command(s), which will allow you to save the information to .csv for later review. This information can be important in many ways, but specifically understanding the versions can tell you who is using older clients, which may be close to end-of-life or close to being blocked by Exchange Online, etc.

PowerShell Commands

Outlook Information – Saved to .csv file

Get-Mailbox | Get-LogonStatistics| where {$_.ApplicationID -match “Outlook”} | FT -Wrap -AutoSize –Property username,ApplicationID > EXO_Outlook_Version_Info.csv

All Client Connections – Saved to .csv file

Get-Mailbox | Get-LogonStatistics | FT -Wrap -AutoSize –Property username,ApplicationID > EXO_Connectivity_Info.csv