Preparing PCs for Use in Lync Online 365

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For admins who must update their client PCs with the Lync 2010 client, they have questions regarding how the existing BPOS Office Communications Online (OCO) registry settings will be managed and possibly cause connection problems with the Lync client.  Since BPOS manually configures Outlook, Communicator and other applications, Communicator is hard-coded to point to BPOS OCO for connectivity.

Managing IM Client Connection Settings

  1. Use the O365 Desktop Setup tool, which deletes these manually configured BPOS OCO registry entries and sets the client to use automatic configuration.
    1. This option assumes the Lync AutoDiscover DNS records are in place.
  2. Don’t use the O365 Desktop Setup tool, and edit these registry keys manually to point to the O365 Lync Online servers.
    1. You would point the internal and external server to

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