BPOS & Powershell User Password Management

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  For BPOS administrators who like to use PowerShell, specifically for password management, you may have found that certain PowerShell commands work while others do not.  Specifically there are different parameters that can be used to check for whether a user has changed their Password since xx/xx/xxxx and perform certain tasks, such as setting the password and/or forcing the user to change their password at next logon.

For example, if you use the following command you will find that the PowerShell command states that the parameter -Password is missing and must be included in order to properly run:


  • Get-MSOnlineUser -Identity testuser@domain.com |Set-MSOnlineUserPassword -ChangePasswordOnNextLogon $true

However if you run the Set-MSOnlineUserPassword separately you CAN use the -ChangePasswordOnNextLogon without needing to use the -Password parameter, thereby not needing to change the password, but instead simply force the user to change the password the next time they login to BPOS Services:


So if you simply need to force users to change their password at next logon, use the above PowerShell command against BPOS.  However if need to change the users password in addition to forcing a password change, the Get & Set commands can be used together to perform this task.  Just make sure you use the -Password parameter when performing this particular task.

Hope this helps!


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