Missing User Pictures in Office 365 Online Services and/or Applications?

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Those who have moved into the Microsoft Online Office 365 Services, you may find that you are not seeing any user pictures when you IM or browse around SharePoint.  For those who want to have user pictures displayed in the Office 365 services, you can use a few approaches to get these user pictures into the service.

  • Active Directory and Directory Synchronization:  Use this and the example PowerShell script, which can be used to import user pictures into Active Directory under the thumbNailPhoto AD attribute.  With Directory Synchronization running, users are not able to upload/update their picture via the “Online Services” process listed below.

Note – When using Directory Synchronization, users are not able to use the Microsoft Online Portal (MOP) to edit their profile and upload a picture.  Please keep the usage of DirSync in mind when managing user pictures in Office 365

  • Online Services
    • Have each user upload their picture into the Microsoft Online Portal (MOP) by logging into the Portal (https://portal.microsoftonline.com) and editing their Profile, which is located in the top right corner of the Portal.  This will get your user picture into MSODS (Microsoft Online Directory Services), which will then be synchronized out to all the different services (SharePoint, Lync, Exchange, etc) and be displayed within the different applications and services.

Note – ThethumbNailPhoto Active Directory picture size is important.  Exchange Online supports pictures up to 10k while synchronization (DirSync) will not synchronize pictures over 100k.  At this time if you want to use a picture across all services or you have Exchange Online in the mix, keep the fix size to 10k or less.

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