Learn if you have BPOS MBXs > 25GB

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As BPOS tenants are moving into Office 365 through the Service Transition many admins have asked “How can I find if there are BPOS mailboxes > 25GG?”  This is because Exchange Online 365 offers mailboxes up to 25GB and if the BPOS MBX is moved into EXO365, the owner of this MBX will be locked out of sending and receiving mail until they can clean out some content.  To find whether you have BPOS MBXs > 25GB you can use the following Microsoft Online Mail Migration Tool PowerShell cmdlet to find these mailboxes:

Individual user query example:

  • $cred=Get-Credential
  • Get-XSHostedExchangeMailbox –Cred $cred –SourceIdentity user@domain.com –SourceServer red001.mail.microsoftonline.com –SourceDetail full
    • Note the ItemCount which can help you understand how many mail items this MBX has, such as mail items, contacts, calendar items, etc.


If you only want the size of the MBX you can use:

      • Get-XSHostedExchangeMailbox –Cred $cred –SourceIdentity user@domain.com –SourceServer red001.mail.microsoftonline.com –SourceDetail full | FL Stor*


Note – This example is using BPOS-S EXO located in the US data center.  If you would like to learn more about this command and how to use the import-csv method to pull a list of users instead of just one individual click here: http://www.microsoft.com/online/help/en-us/helphowto/ce55f9ae-4f91-443c-9c4d-cbd376b7b3b9.htm

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