Determine When Users Have Changed Their BPOS-S Password – All Users Must Change BEFORE BPOS Transition

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As your BPOS company comes closer to being Transitioned into Office 365, each online company administrator must verify that each of their users have changed their passwords, in order to synchronize these passwords into Office 365. Doing these steps will ensure that once the company is transitioned, the users will use the same password in the new Office 365 environment.

To help Online Administrators, they should first download the latest Microsoft Mailbox Transporter Tool, which includes updated PowerShell scripts, which can be used to query (Get-MSOnlineUser) BPOS-S for user password changes, allowing you to determine which users have not changed their password. You can then reach out to them and ask for them to change OR you can use the Set-MSOnlineUser command to set a password for them, which will then be synchronized into Office 365!


Find All Users Who Have Not Changed Passwords Since 12/1/2011 and Change Password to “P@ssw0rd1” and Force to Change at Next Logon

  • $Cred = Get-Credentials [enter your BPOS Administrator account credentials]
  • Get-MSOnlineUser -Credential $Cred -enabled | where {$_.PasswordLastSetDate –lt “12/1/2011”} | Set-MSOnlineUserPassword -Password “P@ssw0rd1” –Credential $Cred –ChangePasswordOnNextLogon $true

The above will query the BPOS Microsoft Online Directory Services (MSODS) for users who have NOT changed their password since December 1st, 2011. Anyone in this PowerShell (in-memory) list will then be piped to the Set-MSOnlineUserPassword and change these users passwords to “P@ssw0rd1” and instruct MSODS to force the user to change their password during their next login. Of course you will need to tell these users that their password has changed to P@ssw0rd1, as they will need this to change their password!

Note – If you want to run the following, it will give you the list, and then you can run the full command to set the password for these users. This way you will have a list of people that you need to contact with their new password:


  • $Cred = Get-Credentials [enter your BPOS Administrator account credentials]
  • Get-MSOnlineUser -Credential $Cred -enabled | where {$_.PasswordLastSetDate –lt “12/1/2011”} | FL Identity

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