BPOS-S Transition Phased Process Explained

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Understand the BPOS to Office 365 Transition process is instrumental in supporting your end users as your BPOS tenant moves into Microsoft’s new Online Services, namely Office 365!  Below is an explanation on how the BPOS to Office 365 Transition flow happens over the Transition Weekend, to help you as an Online Administrator and/or end-user what to expect:


Phase Name is the Phase the tenant is in, such as:

  • Pre-Approval: Holding for a Batch
  • PrimaryPrep: Initial phase where email/communication goes out (T-60 – T-30)
  • SecondaryPrep: Secondary phase where reminder email/communication goes out (T-30)
  • Approval: Final communication phase where reminder email/comm goes out (T-14)
  • Pre-Stage: Pre-Copy of all content to O365 (T-7)
  • Lock: Locking of the tenant admin (T-1)
  • DataUpgrade: The actual transition (T)
  • Finalize: Post transition cleanup and enable of tenant admin (~T+48 hours)


Tenant Status Is the current status IN the current phase.

  • Complete: All work done, or no outstanding work in that phase.
  • Pending: Waiting for work to be picked up in the phase
  • InProgress: Work in the phase is going on
  • Error: One or more workitems had an error and is waiting human interaction
  • Warning: One of more workitems had hit a retry condition


Pre-Approval Complete, means that the tenant is holding to be placed on a batch, and no work is waiting to be done.  This tenant most likely is constrained from being placed onto a batch and is sitting in this phase.

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